More videos!

After setting up a booth at a local craft show last weekend, I made the decision that increasing my YouTube account would greatly benefit both my business, and my skills, as each video presents an opportunity to expand my horizons.

To that effect, if you’re interested in a custom order, I will gladly, for an additional fee, produce a full-length YouTube video of the creation of your piece.

Adventure awaits!

Eventful winter and summer

Dealing with PTSD and the deaths of family has been rough. I went in to a bit of a slump for a while, which ended when my nephew was murdered, and I needed to make an urn. I had a conversation with my doc about why it might be that trauma triggers creativity … That’s probably a discussion better left for another time.

I’m back into the swing of things, and producing as many pieces as I can in the humid heat of North Carolina. Custom orders are back on track, and I’ve brought some new finishing techniques into my repertoire!

Please don’t hesitate to message me if you’d like to make a custom order!

Christmas commission

Shaving set made with camphor burl, the gunmetal magnum razor kit, gunmetal razor stand, and gunmetal knot.

I haven’t been able to share this due to it being a Christmas gift, the surprise for which we didn’t want to ruin.

This shaving set from Camphor burl was a delightful challenge. Making the pieces match each other, and using such beautiful wood was an absolute joy, not to mention how good my shop smelled!

I intentionally left the bottom of the shaving mug unfinished so that all one has to do to smell this amazing wood is lift the cup and scratch it with a fingernail!

This bespoke set uses 3 different kits, but the tray and cup are 100% original designs. Contact Wah-tie Woodturning if you’d like to commission a bespoke set such as this!

Custom pens for customers!

Three Anvil EDC pens with alumilite resin blanks from

A great way to say thank you to valued customers is with custom made pens! These were ordered by a businessman to give his top customers as Christmas gifts!

To order your custom made pen(s), contact Wah-tie Woodturning today! Taking Christmas orders until Dec. 15th!

Bespoke Pens

Many in the pen making community say that a bespoke pen os one created from raw materials with no kit and they’re not wrong, they’re just using an incomplete definition of the word.

A bespoke item is an item made for one person – and in the case of a pen, could still use a kit, but the design and materials be intended for a single user.

Making these three pens was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

The skull pen uses a blank I won from Divine Island Designs LLC. I saw the blank and knew it was what I wanted to dress the Skull fountain pen with to give to a patron as thanks.

Stainless Steel Anvil EDC pens in silver maple cut from the same piece of wood.

The Anvil EDCs are dressed in silver maple and are going to a fellow Veteran and his wife at Ross Forge in Texas. Justin offered to trade a hand forged belt knife for matching shop pens for himself and his wife. That’s an easy trade to make, and these pens came out incredible! The Anvil EDC, by the way, is a sturdy, well built pen, and should withstand the rigors of daily use in a forge just fine.

My pens, by the way, come with a lifetime guarantee. If you break the wood or the mechanism, simple return the pen and I’ll repair or replace it free of charge.

It’s slowly coming together!

Merica Anvil EDC
The ‘Merica! Anvil EDC pen.

I’m adding items to the store, and, as with all new things, running into some bumps! Please bear with me as I work with my webmaster to iron things out!

As always, if you’d like to order custom woodturning, please hit the “contact” button and let me know what I can make just for you!

Go to the shop to see what’s available now!

Bespoke pens are delightful to make!

Making a piece intended for an individual is always an adventure! Whether it’s a pen or an urn, the process of creating a unique piece intended solely for its recipient is the most enjoyable part of creating in my shop.

This is a Classic Elite 2 roller gel pen dressed in cherry burl and teal resin. I not only milled the burl, but poured the blank, and created this beautiful pen all in my tiny shop.

Bespoke kitchen utensils

From a single piece of maple cut along the grain (bookmatched) to provide spindle orientation, to the lathe, where the handle is turned, and the basic form of the spoon, this project was a challenge, but also a great deal of fun!

The spatula took less hand carving than the spoon, but the end result is just as striking!

Silver maple, finished with Mahoney’s Walnut Oil. This set will be a treasured edition to it’s owner’s culinary accoutrement.

Welcome to Wah-tie Woodturning!

I’ve finally got a website with the help of Juan O. Duran! Thank you for your work Juan!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been following my woodworking journey on Facebook. With this site, I have more control of sales and can show you my latest work and tell you the story behind it!

Feel free to contact me if you’d like a custom piece of woodturning art! Email me at or comment on the posts and photos!

Bespoke kitchen tools made with bookmatched silver maple.